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CEPA Case Study Format and Guidelines

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity is compiling a database of Communication, Education and Public Awareness initiatives and projects for posting on the CEPA Portal. This database will be a searchable repository of the best practices in CEPA.

We are interested in projects that your organization may have sponsored which may respond to the programme elements outlined in the annex to VI/19, or which represent best practices for communication, education or public awareness.

The following questions represent the kinds of data we wish to input into the database.  We would appreciate any information you are able to provide. The completed questionnaire can be sent to, attention CEPA Programme Officer

1.  Title of Project

2.  Project Status: (Planned, Ongoing, Completed)

3.  Start Date dd/mm/yyyy

4.  End Date dd/mm/yyyy

5.  Region

6.  Country

7.  Name of Lead Organization

8.  type of Organization: IGO, UN system Org, NGO, govt. Private, Industry, Research, Education. Other

9.  Names of other involved organizations

10. Main Target Groups for Project.

11. Contact Person and Details: 

- title
- Name
- Job title
- Organization
- Address

12. type or Project Funding (Multilateral, bilateral, both, other)

13. Funding Agency

14. Amount (type of currency)

15. Project goal (100-200 words)

16. Project Objectives (100-200 words)

17. Success Criteria (100-200 words)

18. Activities (100-200 words each)
- National
- Regional
- International

19. Areas of CEPa Programme to which project Responds:

Programme element 1 - toward a global CEPA Network
Programme element 2 - Exchange of knowledge and expertise
Programme element 3 - Capacity-building for CEPA

20. Outcomes (100-200 words)

21. Lessons learned (100-200 words)

22. Other relevant information (100-200 words)

23. Attach any relevant documents, web pages, etc which describe the project.