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Welcome to the Ecosystem Approach Sourcebook website. This website has been created in response to a request of the seventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (decision VII/11, paragraph 9) as a tool to help practitioners implement the ecosystem approach and share experiences.

Once finalized, the sourcebook will have several components: a case study database, information about the ecosystem approach, and the various tools and techniques that can be used to implement it. At the present time, the first version of the case study database is operational. Other components of the sourcebook will be added shortly, so please visit this website from time to time to check on new developments.

We encourage you to test the case study database, both by searching it and by submitting your own case studies. By continuing to add case studies to the database, we can increase our knowledge base of how the ecosystem approach has been implemented. The database can be searched by biomes, sectors, issues, tools and approaches, and ecosystem approach principles and operational guidance. Your comments on the database are much appreciated, and can be e-mailed to

The Ecosystem Approach

The Case Study Database

A first version of the Ecosystem Approach Case Study Database is now available for testing. Please feel free to use it by submitting a few case studies. Case study submission requires a CBD user account, which can be obtained by choosing Sign-up for a CBD user account when prompted to enter your password.