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Estonia - Country Profile

The national targets (or equivalent) presented in this database are taken from the NBSAPs received since COP-10, fifth national reports or from documents submitted separately. The mapping of national targets to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets by the Party concerned is indicated in the last column “Related Aichi Target(s)”. All Parties are encouraged to undertake this mapping exercise and to submit this information to SCBD for incorporation in this database.

Reference Target Related Strategic Goals/Aichi Targets
Measure 1.1 Promoting nature education at all levels of education
Measure 1.2 Effective dissemination of nature information
Measure 1.3 Promoting and applying conservation science to achieve the objectives of practical conservation management
Measure 1.4 Management of sustainable nature tourism
Measure 2.1 Ensuring the favourable conservation status of species
Measure 2.2 Ensuring the favourable conservation status of habitats
Measure 2.3 Ensuring landscape diversity
Measure 2.4 Conservation management of natural objects
Measure 2.5 Ensuring the availability of nature data and storing scientific collections
Measure 2.6 International cooperation to conserve biodiversity
Measure 2.7 Compensating for nature conservation restrictions and providing financial support to conservation activities
Measure 3.1 Taking account of the value of ecosystem services in the use of the environment
Measure 3.2 Analysing the impacts of earth resource extraction causing the loss of biodiversity; developing and implementing mitigation measures
Measure 3.3 Analysing the impacts of renewable natural resources management causing the loss of biodiversity; developing and applying mitigation measures
Measure 3.4 Analysing and mitigating the negative impacts of transport
Measure 3.5 Mitigating the negative impacts of climate change on biological diversity
Measure 3.6 Ensuring biological safety
Measure 3.7 Analysing the negative impacts of the use of renewable energy on biodiversity; developing and applying mitigation measures