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National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (v.2)

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NOTE: Please consult Section VII of the Sixth National Report to access an updated biodiversity profile containing biodiversity facts and information on NBSAP implementation, among other details, prepared by the Party concerned. Sixth national reports prepared using the online reporting tool are posted on the respective country webpage on the CBD website and on the CBD CHM. Sixth national reports prepared "offline" are posted in PDF at the National Reports homepage.

National Contacts

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Convention on Biological Diversity

Sr. Igor Adolfo Estuardo De la Roca Cuellar
CBD Primary NFP
Sra. Gloria Marina Apén González
Traditional Knowledge NFP
Sr. Francisco Ramiro Batzin Chojoj
Traditional Knowledge NFP
Sra. Maura Liseth Quezada Aguilar
Lic. Leslie Melisa Ojeda Cabrera
Sra. Airam Andrea Lopez Roulet
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity NFP
Sr. Jorge Benjamín Jiménez Barrios
Sr. José Luis Echeverría Tello
SBSTTA NFP, Resource Mobilization FP
Sr. José David Illescas Turuy
Protected Areas NFP
Sra. Marina Leticia Lopez Sincal
Gender and Biodiversity NFP

Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Dr. César Augusto Azurdia Pérez
Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP
Lic. Leslie Melisa Ojeda Cabrera