The Hyderabad call for Biodiversity Champions!

The Hyderabad call for Biodiversity Champions!

At COP 11, India and the CBD Executive Secretary made strong calls to Parties, partners and other stakeholders to take urgent action towards achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan, Indian Minister of Environment & Forests

"The present economic crisis should not deter us, but on the contrary encourage us to invest more towards amelioration of the natural capital for ensuring uninterrupted ecosystem services, on which all life on earth depends."

"Let us all be inspired by what Mahatma Gandhi said:
'The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.'
So let us commit ourselves to what we are capable of doing."

Mr. Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, former CBD Executive Secretary

"If we really want to fully achieve the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets, urgent attention needs to be given to at least half of them to ensure their full implementation, or at least significant progress, by 2015."

"I would like to end with an invitation to each Party and partner to this Convention to:
  • Select one or more of the Aichi Targets, and
  • Become a regional or a global champion for its achievement."

Become a Biodiversity Champion by pledging support to achieve Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Like the Government of India, and soon many others, you can become one of the Biodiversity Champions.

You can make a difference - adopt a target! Make a pledge to support the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

Biodiversity Champions

This pledge can:
  • Support one or more Aichi Biodiversity Targets
  • Cover a particular region or sub-region
  • Include financial, technical, or other forms of support
  • Be time-bound
View the Champions and their pledges

How to make a pledge

Interested Parties, partners or stakeholders are invited to submit their pledge in writing through an official letter to the CBD Executive Secretary at A form is available to provide details about the pledge.