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The project below was submitted by the organization below in response to the notification issued by the Executive Secretary in December 2003. The Secretariat does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information it contains. Any questions about the project should be addressed to the organization which reported the project

General Description
Title Formal Environmental Education Program
Status Ongoing
From 01/02/1999
To 31/03/2005
Country(ies) Guatemala
Region(s) Latin America and the Caribbean
Participating Organization(s)
Lead Organization(s) Departmental Division of Education Ministry
Type of Implementing Agency(ies) Governments
Other Collaborating Organizations National Council of Protected Areas –CONAP- (IGO) Fundación para el ecodesarrollo y la conservación –FUNDAECO- (NGO), Fundación para la conservación del medio ambiente y recursos naturales Mario Dary –FUNDARY- (NGO), AkTenamit (NGO) Central Unit RECOSMO-CONAP Project
Main Target Groups or Audience
Contact Details
Contact Person Hector Rene Garcia
Job Title Director
Organization Department Division of Education Ministry
Address 13th Street 6th av. Puerto Barrios,
City Izabal
Country Guatemala
E-mail Address
Source of Funding Multilateral
Funding Agency GEF, Royal Netherlands Govt., CONAP, Education Ministry (MINEDUC), UNDP
Goals and Objectives
Overall Goal To conserve the integrity of biological diversity natural systems on RECOSMO´s area (Izabal department), within human development context.
Specific Objectives General Objetive: to execute the formal environmental education programme on Izabal Department, to increase and improve the capability on the educational centers. To build new attitudes toward the conservation and sustainable development. Specific Objetives: To strenght the tecnichal and administrative framework needed to coordinate and support the conservation and sustainable activities ensuring the long-term activities on Izabal department.
Scope and Activities
National Level Activities Strenghten the focal environmental Education at different educative level Stablishment agreements between NGO´s and IGO Donation at junior highschool level educational material as libraries, books, etc. Publishment ecological and environmental scholarship agenda. Training teacher, students and the all society.
Outcomes and Lessons Learned
Outcomes It has done the implementation of environmental curricula guides It has been valuing a gender policy that embraces social participation and little girl education.
Lessons Learned It is necessary: To wide environmental education cover outside the national protected areas. To strenght the interinstitucional coordination process To promote the execution of ecological scholarship projects To let the access of environmental educative material