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CEPA Expert

Personal Information
Name Jakub KASPAR
Nationality Czech
Gender Male
Nomination Type Government
Government Czech Republic
Submission Date 28/08/2003
Background and Experience
Education 1993-96: Charles Univesity in Prague, Institute of Human Studies. 1996 - 2003: Charles Univesity in Prague, Institute of Human Studies - general anthropology.
Experience Environmental education and communication, education for sustainable development, Local Agenda 21, public participation, public relations, media relations, publications, environmental information.
UN Languages English, Russian
Other Languages Czech
Publications, Awards and Membership
Number of Publications 8 years experience in media, more than 3,000 publications in general media.
Contact Information
Address Ministry of the Environment
Vrsovicka 65
Prague 10
CZ-100 10
Telephone +420-2-67122 040
Fax +420-2-67311 496
Current Employment
Organization Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Job Title Derector of the Department of Public Relations
Since 2002
Other relevant information Editor in Chef of the Ekilist Magazine