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CEPA Expert

Personal Information
Nationality Bahamian
Year of Birth 1971
Gender Female
Nomination Type Government
Government Bahamas
Submission Date 28/10/2002
Background and Experience
Background Biology
Education Master of Marine Management B.SC. Zoology
Experience 1998-2002: Group leader for Rangers, Bahamas National Trust Developing Environmental Programs to enable 10-14 years old to earn badges through theory and practical exercises. 2000 to present: Development of public educational and awareness material on issues including biodiversity biosafety, invasive species at BEST Commission.
UN Languages English
Publications, Awards and Membership
Number of Publications Book: 1; peer reviewed articles: 1; book chapters: 3; other: Agenda 21 report for WSSD
Publications BEST Commission 2002, Bahamas Environmental Handbook, 118 pp. BEST Commission, 2002 National Assessment Report on the Implementation of Agenda 21; the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, 31 pp. Wells, Stacey, 1998, Environmentalism in Folklore: A look at the Bahamas' Shades of Green Journal Delhousie University.
Contact Information
Address Bahamas Environment, Science and Technolgoy Commission
Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Centre
Telephone 242-327-4691/2/3
Fax 242-327-4626
Current Employment
Organization Bahamas Environment, Science and Technolgoy Commission
Job Title Assistance Geologist