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CEPA Expert

Personal Information
Name Gerald DICK
Nationality Austrian
Year of Birth 1958
Gender Male
Nomination Type Government
Government Austria
Submission Date 29/08/2003
Background and Experience
Background Biology, Environmental science, Limnology, Political Science, Social Science
Education PhD MAS
Experience Project leader of reforestation project in Nicaragua, Costa Atlantica, conservation management experience within WWF (programme development)
UN Languages English, Spanish, French
Publications, Awards and Membership
Number of Publications Book: 1; peer reviewed articles: 10; book chapters: 2; conference papers: 3; other: 34
Publications Enclosed (in German)
Contact Information
Address WWF Austria
Ottakringerstr. 114-116
Telephone 0043-1-48817-212
Fax 0043-1-48817-277
Current Employment
Organization WWF Austria
Job Title Conservation Director